Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Game: Mash up

Looking for connections is fundamental to what we do in libraries: we connect questions to answers, patrons to resources, information literacy to the curriculum, ideas to other ideas, disciplines to other disciplines.... Sometimes unlikely connections can result is something new and wonderful. This game helps us practice making connections that aren't obvious, and expands our creative thinking that can help with planning.

How to play:

  • Groups of 3-4
  • Each group member names a favorite thing. This can be wide open, or you can give it parameters, such as a favorite activity or food. 
  • The group then selects at least 2 things names and mashes them into a new library service, event or product.
  • Each group prepares a one-minute presentation selling the director, the board or the public on the new idea. 
  • Have each group member name a problem as well as a thing. The mashup has to solve the problem.