Thursday, October 29, 2015

Game: Keyword Taboo

Here's a little game to play with your students to get them thinking about alternative keywords.

How to play

  • Librarian asks a student to share her research topic with the class. As the student describes it, the librarian writes on the board the key words that the student uses. Now the librarian asks the class to generate a list of words to use in researching this topic. But this time they cannot use any of the words written on the board.
  • Example
    Student: I'm researching pay to play and college athletes.
    [Librarian writes pay-to-play college athletes on the board]
    Librarian: What words can we use to get at this topic without using the words on the board?
    Class: Sports athletics compensation higher education NCAA
  • Variation
    Have students work in pairs or small groups, sharing topics, writing down "taboo" words, and listing alternative keywords.


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